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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.What are the packages that you offer?
We offer 2 basic packages:
Package 1
Photo session of 2 hours, using 4-5 set of theme props
25-30 edited photos would be provided with a download link
Cost: Rs.14000

Package 2
Photo session of 3 hours, using 7-8 set of theme props
35-40 edited photos would be provided with a download link
Cost: Rs.18000


For Baby Twins - Rs 5000 extra with the above packages
With both the packages, two A4 size matt printed Photo frame would be provided as complimentary gift.
We also provide album at extra cost ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.15000.
Note: Baby costumes rental would be separately charged at Rs.100 each per theme.
2.Can siblings be added with all the photos? Or can we club our relative babies with these packages?
The above-mentioned packages are meant for a single baby with his/her parents. Siblings can be added in family portraits and a few solo portraits.
3.Is the price negotiable? Would there be any discounts available?
For baby photography, we are providing the best possible price considering the effort required from our team and also the market standards. Kindly do not request a compromise on pricing, which would be a waste of time and resource for both of us.
4.How many photos do you deliver? How much time do you take to deliver?
All the photos taken during the session will be shared in a download link in 2-5 days from the shoot. Among those photos, you can select the ones that you like based on the package you choose: 25-30 for package 1 & 35-40 for package 2. Those photos would be edited & provided in a download link within 7-10 days.
5.What is the booking and payment process?
Please contact us at least 2-3 weeks before the date and block our slot. We request you to provide 50% on booking and the remaining 50% during the photo session. All the photos will be shared once the payment is settled. Payment can be done in Google Pay, Phone Pe or Bank Account.
6.Can a booked photo session be canceled?
If baby is sick or if you face any adverse situation, we can change the session to the next available slot but we won’t be able to cancel or refund the session.
7.What does the editing style include?
Our editing includes straightening, cropping, and adjustment on exposure, slight color correction and small amount of face correction (some softness). You can check our portfolio for final output.
8.Do you have backup of our photos?
All the raw and edited photos will be deleted from our side once final edited output is delivered. Please take necessary backups once you receive copies from us.
9.Will you do family portrait in this session?
Yes, we do provide 3-5 family photos as part of both the packages, but the primary focus would be on baby pics.
10.What gears are used for photography? 
We use Mirrorless camera and Prime lenses from Sony with one light setup of AD200 or AD400 with a octa.
11.Will you do outdoor portraits session at park or beach?
Yes, other than indoor sessions, we also do outdoor photo sessions. Session starts at Rs 10000 plus park or resort entry charges.