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A day out with Meera :)

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

What can be more precious than a baby’s awe when she sees world for the first time? It was one year old baby Meera’s day out in chennai and we were awestruck by her big surprised eyes and innocent toothless smile as we took her on a photo shoot. She was an angel babydoll given life and it was such a delight to capture her angelic presence with our team.

Meera’s parents are settled in the US and she is here to celebrate her first birthday in her hometown with her folks. It was a beautiful January day and shooting with Meera and her family was quite pleasant on the lush greenery of our beautiful Semmozhi Poonga. We were gifted by some really unique and unfeigned moments by Meera that made the shoot so much more memorable. Amidst the stuffed toys that she loves so much and the great moments she had playing with her parents, The love and connection shared by the family was really heart touching.

Here are some words shared by Meera’s Aunt and it is as beautiful as it was to read this as it was to shoot our little Meera.

Wintry night of the 2018 January, we were blessed with a beautiful fairy, our angel was wrapped in swaddle & lying beside us in a cradle...Glued to the tiny toes & hands in baby pink, so mesmerized were we, that eyes forgot to blink, Our angel resembled a princess with a diamond tiara, filled with love we welcomed our very own Meera...

Much like the Bollywood music videos she loves clapping her hands to, Meera's photo shoot for her first birthday was a fun-filled affair with colorful costumes and backdrop changes. It was an evening to remember, capturing the baby in her natural element with her loved ones.

Meera lives in the US, but is already quite the traveler, having visited India and Japan before even turning one. She loves making friends with everyone she meets along the way, and who wouldn't want to be baby Meera's friend? She steals everyone's heart with her sweet smile!

On weekends, she enjoys visiting the local petting zoo to make friends with the ducks or picking strawberries in her pink summer hat. When she is not grooving to Bollywood hits, you can catch her playing with her favorite plushy or singing along to Baby Shark on YouTube.

We would like to thank the almighty for blessing us with the treasure trove bundled in the form our lovable munchkin Meera.

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