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Harish Sharmi - Couple shoot from Gods Own Country

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

A match is made in heaven, but it takes two beautiful souls like Harish and Sharmi to make heaven descend to earth. What could be a better way to capture their love than in god's own country-Kerala.The scenic beauty of Puthucode, a serene village in palakkad district only added to the charm of love in the air. The green fields, quaint streets, traditional thatch roofed houses and undisturbing silence where a beauty on its own.

You know two people are in love by they way they look at each-other. The post-wedding photo shoot happened a good three months after the wedding and the way a wedding brings two souls together as one was evident throughout. They were gorgeously twinning in traditional Kerala venpattu saree and veshti, then radiated casual elegance in a beautiful evening gown and grey blazer. With Harish and Sharmi, there was no need for “Pose, say cheers and click” and it was a joy to capture their love for times to see.

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